Swedish Historical Society Tournament 2012

Goofy Kubbers started the season as the Blackhawk Kurling Club when we entered the Rockford Tournament in May of 2012.  Founding members Evan Fitzgerald (author) and Cal Merath joined up with their favorite curling skip, Charlie Dana, to try out the game of kubb at the Swedish Historical Society’s tournament.  Our first game was against the Ringers and they quickly demonstrated why they were National Champions and that we had alot to learn about the game.   My inkastare was very poor during that tournament, but thanks to Aaron Ellringer showing us “the drill” technique we had a good idea what we needed to do to improve.  Our first notable victory came against Rhymes with Tube from Madison.  Still not sure how we managed that win.  And then in the 2nd round of the championship we ran into the 2011 National Runner-up members, the Wolf Pack.  Made for a very short day of kubb, but we had alot of fun and got to meet some great people. Cal and I were hungry to redeem ourselves and started to learn how to drill before the Madison tournament in June.  Finished 3-2 on the day with a T-9.

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