Nordic Fest 2012

Although I had grown up in Eastern Iowa, I had never visited Decorah.  I convinced Michelle and Braden to play in the tournament and attend Nordic Fest with me.  Decorah is a beautiful part of Iowa and Nordic Fest is a very entertaining festival.  I’d strongly recommend my fellow kubbists make this a destination in 2013.  To keep up with the theme of playing National Champions in the first round we played against 2/3 of the Kubbsicles and an excellent sniper (Luke) from the Darkside of the Kubb.  Despite, minimal experience leading up to the tournament from Michelle and Braden, they played them very well in the first game and ok in the 2nd.  We had knocked down all 5 baselines before leaving them an advantage line and costing us the first game.  This was the first time that my practice at throwing kubbs had started to pay off, as I felt that I had thrown nearly as well as Mark Blazel during that game.  We won 2 more games and finished 2nd in the round robin. In the 2nd round of the championship brackets we ran into the Relentless Kastpinnars who had finished with a T-9 at the US Nationals.  The first game was the craziest game I had ever played.  We ended up with 10 kubbs in play and a bad case of the yips by Phil Goetstouwers and I on our kubb tossing caused the momentum to swing back and forth several times before the Kastpinnars finished us off and then they took the 2nd game.  Michelle, Braden and I had a great time and will try to attend next year and bring several couples with us. Overall, I was very happy with the improvements made even though the final results were the same as Madison.   Finished 3-2 and a T-5.

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