Madison Midsommar Kubb Tournament 2012

Cal and I entered this tournament again as the Blackhawk Kurling Club.  We had been practicing a fair amount before the tournament and thought we were ready to make a better showing of ourselves.  Cal had caught on to “the drill” much quicker than I had, so he got to throw the kubbs for us in that tournament. And as luck (bad?) would have it we got to play against the Ringers and Mr. Kubb himself, Eric Anderson in the first round.  Once again, we were soundly defeated, but managed a 2nd spot in the round robin portion of the tournament.  In the first round of the championship we ran into the Learned Sticks, JP Larson and Matt Braa from the Chaska Curling club and managed a 2-0 victory.  At the time, we didn’t realize how huge of an upset that victory was as we were unaware of the success that Jason and his Kingpin teammates had earned.  In the 2nd round we were wiped off the pitch by the Kubb Snipers of the Fox Valley Club who were playing lights out that day.  After Cal and I headed back to find some shade and a few beers, we weren’t frustrated with the fact that we had lost to such high level of competition, but that we hadn’t played to the level we had in practice and that we didn’t even give the Ringers or Kubb Snipers any competition at all,  After a couple of drinks we were feeling better and started to try to come up with a new team name.  We came up with several that probably weren’t appropriate, but somehow got to singing the goofy goober song from Sponge Bob and then came up with the name of Goofy Kubbers.  We thought it was pretty hilarious at the time (may have been the beer).  Finished 3-2 and a T-5.

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