Introducing Goofy Kubbers

Cal and I had decided that the Goofy Kubbers was going to be our team name when we entered the 2013 National tournament.  We weren’t able to attend the 2012 tournament, but we had practiced kubb with my co-worker and fellow curling enthusiast Ryan Accetta that summer and felt it could potentially be a competitive team if the three of us worked at it.  I asked my daughter Emily to draw me a King that looked like Sponge Bob and then set out to design a t-shirt for the Goofy Kubbers.  My wife Michelle and son Braden were going to play kubb with me in the Decorah, IA tournament in July and wanted to be Goofy Kubbers’.  Cal’s family, wife Jamie and daughter Ashlie liked the name and wanted a shirt.  After asking Charlie if he wanted a t-shirt as well, we ended up with 8 Goofy Kubbers. I had spent several nights (June and July were brutally hot so I practiced in the evenings) working on my inkastare skills before the next tournament.

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